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Notices are Insight messages. Some notices are generated automatically by Insight and others can be composed via the Notice Composer and sent to parents and students.

Notice Composer

Notices can be created in Insight using the Notice Composer. The Role Option required to access this is:
Manage > Notice Composer (On)

The Notice Composer is accessed via:
Manage > Notice Composer

Click Add to open a window where you can create a notice. Enter the Date for the notice. The date given to a notice does not affect the time that it is sent; notices, emails and SMS messages are always 'sent' immediately. The Notice will appear on the Notices page for students and parents under the selected date, but will be visible as soon as you save the Notice.

The Expiry Date will cause the notice to disappear from users' inboxes on a certain date. Enter a Subject and a Body for the Notice. A list of mail merge fields can be found below, which can be used in the Body of the Notice. Use the Attachments tab at the top of the page to add attachments to the Notice.

Allow Private Response

Notice composer02.jpg

Email and SMS

  • Email by default
  • Allow SMS
  • Use individual reply address

Recipients and BCCs

  • Show all subjects and classes

Mail merge fields

Mail merge fields can be used in notices sent from Insight. Simply type any of the merge fields below to pull data into your notices:

Mailmerge field Ouput
{adno} Admission Number
{onroll} Whether the pupil is on roll or not
{name} The pupil's fullname i.e. John Smith
{listname} The pupil's surname followed by forename i.e. Smith, John
{gender} The pupil's gender
{year} The year group the pupil belongs to
{reg} The registration group the pupil belongs to
{forename} The pupil's legal forename
{chosenforename} The pupil's chosen forename
{legalsurname} The pupil's legal surname
{surname} The pupil's chosen surname
{house} The house the pupil belongs to
{dol} The pupil's date of leaving
{heshe} Either he or she, depending on the pupil's gender
{himher} Either him or her, depending on the pupil's gender
{hishers} Either his or hers, depending on the pupil's gender
{hisher} Either his or her, depending on the pupil's gender
{sondaughter} Either son or daughter, depending on the pupil's gender
{himselfherself} Either himself or herself, depending on the pupil's gender

Editing and Deleting Notices

  • Show other users notices

Student and Parent View

The notice page will show a list of the messages that have been sent to or from the user via INSIGHT. INSIGHT will automatically generate some messages such as reminders to provide reasons for their child's absence, or calendar events such as half-term breaks. Messages can also be sent manually via the notice composer page.

These messages can have attachments (such as school newsletters) and may also be sent to the user by SMS or email if required. (For SMS the school will need to have an account with Text Anywhere - https://www.textanywhere.net/)

One month's messages are shown at a time. The arrow buttons at the top of the page can be used to view previous or future month's messages.

It is also possible to have a notices section displayed on the snapshot. This allows parents to quickly view any new notices while they are looking at an overview of the information about their child.


Automatic Notices for Users

Calendar Events

Messages from PARS

Unexplained Absences

Data Collection