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The Personal Details page allows parents to view and modify their own personal data, and the data of their children. You can control what data is shown on the Personal Details page and whether or not it can be modified by users (see the Configuration section below).

Insight can be configured so that an email alert is sent to a staff member whenever an email address change is requested and these changes write back to SIMS automatically, once approved by staff.



Parents must be given various permissions in order to access the Personal Details page, to view their personal data and to make data changes. See the Roles page for further information about accessing and editing Roles.

There are many options for the Personal Details page which will not be covered here (see the list of role options page for a full description of the relevant Role Options). You must be aware of the following two options:

  • Show Other Users Details
  • Show Home Address

Both of these options will display the parent's details to any other Insight users linked to the student. The Show Other Users Details option will display the contact details, of the parent, while the Show Home Address setting shows the student's home address, which is highly likely to be the home address of a parent or carer.

Staff need the following menu items enabled:

  • Personal attribute changes
  • Address changes
  • Email address changes
  • Telephone No. changes

Email Alerts when Data is Changed

Insight can send an email to notify staff when a parent changes their data on the Personal Details page. To configure this, go to:
Manage > Preferences > Email

There are preferences towards the bottom of the Email section called

  • Send emails to these addresses when an attribute change is requested
  • Send emails to these addresses when a Parental Consent is changed
  • Send emails to these addresses when a medical attribute change is requested

You can enter {year} into an email address and it will be replaced by the student's year group when an email is sent. This is useful if you have multiple staff who are responsible for dealing with data for different academic years.

Note that Insight must be configured to send emails and SMS messages. See the communication setup for further information.

Writing back to SIMS

Insight will log all of the incidences of parents requesting to change their details. Insight can also update SIMS if/when these requests are accepted by staff. It is also possible (but uncommon) to remove the requirement for staff to accept a parent's request to change their details, meaning parents can make changes to their details which will write back to SIMS immediately without any staff intervention.

Writing back to SIMS after staff approval

To enable this, go to:
Manage > Preferences > SIMS Write-back

Enable the Activate SIMS write-back for personal attributes option then click Update at the top right of the page.

Removing the requirement for staff approval

The Role options allowing parents to change their details in SIMS without staff approval

The Role options for a user determine whether or not they can write data changes back to SIMS without staff approval. When editing a Role, there are many options relating to the Personal Details page. The settings labeled immediate determine whether a parent can change their details in SIMS without staff approval.

See the Roles page for further information about accessing and editing Roles.

Adding User Defined Fields

You can create User Defined Fields in SIMS, which can be displayed on the Personal Details page in Insight. These fields can either be read-only, or users can be allowed to modify them.

If the User Defined Field can be modified by users then you will be able to run reports in SIMS on these fields. This is a great method for collecting responses to statements such as "Please confirm all contact details are correct and up-to-date".

User Defined Fields apply to either the Parent or the Student. If the field applies to a Parent then each parent could have a different setting, for a given student. If the field is applied to a student then only one value can be given per student, which is the same way that Parental Consents work.

SIMS Lookups

If a field applies to parents and can be modified by users, then it will either be a free text box or a multiple choice drop-down (fields applied to students are always tick boxes). If you would like to use a drop-down, you must first configure the options that will appear in the dropdown. To do this, log in to SIMS and go to:
Tools > Lookups > Maintain

Click New at the top left. Enter a description for the lookup in Section 1, then enter the items for the drop-down in Section 2. The item at the top of the list in Section 2 will be the default in Insight.

SIMS User Defined Fields

Next you need to create a User Defined Field in SIMS. To do this, go to:
Tools > Setups > User Defined Fields

Click the New button at the top left to create a new User Defined Field. If you want this field to be read-only then the Description field must begin with a single asterisk. If you want users to be able to change this field then the Description field must begin with two asterisks.

If the Field is to be applied to Parents then the Field Type option should be set to True/False. The Data Domain setting must be set to Person and in the Data Area(s) section you must select Student Details. In the Panel section of Data Area you must select Parental Consent.

Finally, restart the Insight website (using the IIS server) to force Insight to retrieve the new Fields from SIMS.

Managing Data Changes

Data changes are managed via one of the following pages (depending on the type of data being changed):
Manage > Personal attribute changes
Manage > Email address changes
Manage > Telephone No. changes
Manage > Address changes

Personal Details

To deal with a pending request, first click on it so that it is highlighted in blue. Next, click the Open button from the top right of the page. This will open a window where you can view the details of the requested change, and decide whether to approve or deny it. You may wish to phone the contact to confirm that the request is genuine.

New Contact Requests

Manage new contact request.png

Depending on their role options, users may be able to request to add new contacts to SIMS. These requests are managed via the Personal Attribute Changes page.

There are more options when dealing with new contact requests

  • If the new home address is similar to other existing addresses in SIMS, you will see a list of similar addresses (the new address appears at the top of the list). If the address already exists in SIMS then use the existing SIMS address

  • If the new contact appears in the list of Existing Contacts at the bottom of the page then reject the request
  • Otherwise if the new contact appears in the list of Close Matches then select that contact and Accept the request. This will link the student to the existing contact in SIMS, without changing the contact details or address of the existing contact

How Users Request to Change Their Data

Users can request to change their data via the personal details page which is accessed via:
General > Personal Details

Adding New Contacts

If the user has the Allow new contact entry role option then they will see an Add contact button at the bottom of the Contact details section. Clicking this will open a window where the user can request to add a new contact to SIMS.

Any new contacts that have been requested will appear at the bottom of the Contact details section until the request has been actioned by the school. Users will see an Edit button next to any pending contacts, allowing them to make changes or correct mistakes until the request has been actioned by the school.


Users can change the consents given for their children by simply clicking the tick box next to each consent. For user defined fields, users either type into the textbox or select from a dropdown, depending on the type of User Defined Field they are dealing with. Changes to consents and User Defined Fields do not require school approval and are updated in SIMS immediately.

All Other Data Requests

The Personal Details page from a user's point of view

Any data that the user is able to change (according to their role options) is highlighted in blue. The user can click on the data they want to change which opens a window in which they can enter their request. Once the user has requested that their data is changed, a warning symbol will appear next to the existing data, until the request is actioned by the school.