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Insight caches some data from the MIS to improve performance. Some of this data is held in Insight data tables in SQL and other data is held in memory on the IIS server. The Caches page allows you to view the data caches that Insight holds and clear them (so that they are refreshed) if required.

iIf you are updating Insight from a version older than 7.225 to a version 7.225 or later then Insight will build its caches for the first time. This process will take around 30 minutes and Insight will not be usable during this time. This will not happen during future updates


The Insight caches are filled by a service that runs on the IIS server called SIMSagent.exe. This service is started by the Insight Service Pack. The service also requires a login for SIMS which it will take from the Service Pack.

Clearing Caches

The Caches page

The role options required to access the Caches page is:
Manage > Caches (On)

The Caches page is then accessed via:
Manage > Caches

Each data cache is listed on this page. The time that each cache will next be refreshed is displayed. You can manually empty a cache so that Insight immediately recollects it using the Clear button next to each cache.