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The Behaviours page (accessed via Behaviour) will display details of behaviours recorded for a student that the logged in parent is associated to.
Parents will only ever be able to view details of incidents that involved a child that they are associated to.

If you are interested in seeing positive behaviour incidents, the user should instead access the achievements page.

List View

List view, is a simple listed table containing details of behaviours.

School can decide exactly what level of detail is displayed within this screen, but it is possible for INSIGHT to display:

  • The period of the day that the incident was recorded in
  • The date of the achievement
  • What happened i.e the ground/behaviour type
  • Any comments regarding the incident
  • How many behaviour points the incident was worth
  • What the outcome of the incident was.
  • Which subject the incident took place in
  • Which room the achievement happened in
  • Which teacher recorded the achievement.


Charts View

By clicking the Charts tab, Parents will also be able to access charts that display graphical analysis of pupil behaviour.
Again these may be turned on or off within parents
role options.

The charts will display analysis of pupil achievements by ground i.e the type of behaviour, the 'outcome' (what the teacher has decided to do about it) , the lesson period, and finally the behavioural category.

Behaviour charts.jpg