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Assignments (also known as homeworks) can be created and managed in Insight. When dealing with Assignments, by default staff will only be able to see their own assignments. Certain staff, such as Heads of Department, may need access to view Assignments created by other staff members. The Assignment Permissions page is used to grant this access to staff. <br> <br>
==The Assignment Permissions page==
The Assignment Permissions page has a drop down at the top left which contains a list of staff members. There is also a list of staff below, each with an On/Off button. <br> <br>
<div>[[Image:assignmentpermissions1.jpg]]</div> <br> <br>
==Editing Permissions==
First, use the drop down at the top left to select the user you want to give permission to. Then use the On/Off switches to enable the chosen user to view Assignments created by other members of staff. There is no save button; clicking on the switches is all you need to do. <br> <br>
==Viewing other staff member's assignments==
Once a staff member has the relevant permissions, they can use reports to view other staff members' assignments. The following reports can be used: <br>
'''[[Reports]]''' > '''[[Assignment summary]]''' <br>
'''[[Reports]]''' > '''[[Assignment summary (staff)]]''' <br> <br>
The following report shows a count of the number of assignments set by each staff member. This will always show all staff member, regardless of the Assignment Permissions settings. <br>
'''[[Reports]]''' > '''[[Assignments report]]'''  <br> <br>

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