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The AM Subjects page is used to pull grading aspects from SIMS into Insight, so that grades can be seen by parents and pupils. AM stands for Assessment Manager. If you are using [http://www.tascsoftware.co.uk/software-titles/pars-connect/ PARS] and have created SIMS elements in PARS, then you do not need to use the AM Subjects page - instead you can pull elements into Insight via the [[preferences]] page. <br> <br>
==The AM Subjects page==
The page will show two dropdown menus at the top which are used to select SIMS aspects. Once an aspect have been selected, a table will appear at the bottom displaying the subjects as taken from your timetable. <br> <br>
<div>[[Image:amsubjects1.jpg]]</div> <br> <br>
==Adding aspects==
First select the aspect you want to pull into Insight in the Aspect dropdown at the top of the page. Once you have clicked the dropdown you can use the text field to search for aspects by their name. It is not recommended that you use the Target dropdown menu. <br> <br>
Once you have selected the aspect you will see a list of subjects appear at the bottom of the page. An aspect is pulled into Insight when it is linked to one or more subjects so select the relevant subjects for the Aspect you have chosen. There is no save button; all you need to do is tick the subjects. <br> <br>
==Reviewing linked aspects==
To see a list of the aspects that have already been configured you will need to leave the AM Subjects page. A report showing all of the linked aspects can be found via: <br>
'''[[:Category:Reports|Reports]]''' > '''[[Linked aspects]]''' <br> <br>
[[Image:linkedaspectsreport1.jpg]] <br> <br>

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