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Resource booking is an additional module in Insight. It allows staff to reserve rooms or resources for their own use. Rooms will be imported automatically from SIMS and additional resources such as laptop trolleys can be manually entered into Insight.

As Resource Booking is an additional module of Insight, a separate charge applies. Please contact for further information.


The following role options are required to configure Resource Booking:
Manage > Resource Booking (On)
Manage > Resource Booking > Allow configuration (On)

The Resource Booking system is configured via:
Manage > Resource Booking

Click the Configure button at the top right of the page to access the setup and management options.

Creating Resources

Resources are items that do not appear on the list of rooms in SIMS, such as laptop trolleys, iPads, the minibus, or rooms that don't appear on the timetable.

Click Add to create a new resource. If there are multiple items in this resource (i.e. a trolley containing several laptops) you should not enter the number of separate items; this is done later.

You can also use the Caretaker button to add staff who are responsible to maintaining the resource. These staff will receive email alerts if the resource is reported as broken or malfunctioning.

iInsight needs to be configured to send emails. See communication setup page for further information.

Adding intervals

Custom booking intervals

All of the timetable periods, including the AM and PM periods, are available for Resource Booking by default. The Intervals tab is used to create additional booking periods such as out of hours slots or break periods.

Click Add to create a new Interval. The Description should explain what time (and day, if relevant) the Interval occurs at e.g. "6pm - 7pm". The Frequency field determines how often in days the interval reoccurs. Typically this will be set to 1 for weekly intervals or 7 for daily intervals.

Creating categories

A category for rooms/resources that have computers

Categories are used to organise rooms and resources into groups. Each category will contain a list of rooms/resources that have a certain attribute, such as containing computers or being able to take photos.

Click the Add button to create a new Category. The name of the Category should be the attribute that the rooms/resources share e.g. Computers. You will see a list of all rooms and resources - use the furthest left checkbox to put the room or resource in the category.

The Capacity field determines how many of that room or resource are available. For example, a computer room would have a Capacity of 20, if it has 20 computers. If you change the Capacity of a room/resource in one category, the Capacity will be changed for that room/resource in all other categories.

By default a room/resource can be booked by more than one user at the same time, as long as there is enough Capacity for both users e.g. two teachers can book a computer room for the same period as long as there are enough computers for all of the students. The Keep together setting prevents this behaviour so that a room/resource can only be booked by one person at any given time.

Select the Interval style for bookings. The default (black square) allows the room/resource to be booked using either timetabled periods or custom intervals. You can click on this toggle between the options available. Finally the Restrict button is used to limit the staff that are able to book a given room/resource.


Making bookings

The schedule and booking options for a single room
The schedule for several rooms for a single day

The following role options are required to book rooms or resources:
Manage > Resource Booking (On)

The Resource Booking system is configured via:
Manage > Resource Booking

First select the date for which you would like to make a booking using the date selector at the top of the page. Note that the following Role option determines the maximum number of days in advance that you can make a booking:
Manage > Resource Booking > Maximum advance days

Next click Select resource at the top of the page and select the category that you would like to book. You will then see a list of the rooms and resources in that category. You may see a number in a grey circle next to the room/resource - this is the capacity. A computer room with 20 computers would have a capacity of 20, etc.

Once a room/resource has been selected, the schedule for that item will appear at the bottom of the page. Reserve the room/resource by clicking the Reserve button or select a new item by repeating the steps above.

The lower section of the page shows a timetable of all of the rooms and resources, broken into categories and listed in alphabetical order. The timetable will show the availability of each room and resource on the given date. The timetable is colour-coded using the colours below:

Colour Meaning
Available for booking
You have booked this room/resource
There is a lesson in this room during this period
A room change or cover is taking place in this room during this period
This resource is in downtime or has been reported as malfunctioning
Another user has booked this room/resource during this period, or the room is being used for another purpose during this period

Malfunctioning Resources and Downtime

Resources can be made unavailable by placing them into Downtime. Users can put a resource into Downtime by reporting it as malfunctioning after they have booked it. This will send an email to the caretaker for the resource (if there is one) and prevent any future bookings from being made for this resource until it is taken out of Downtime.

Resources can also be put into Downtime using the configuration screen for Resources (see the Creating Resources section for further information). This method allows Downtime to be scheduled for the future so resources can continue to be bookable until the scheduled Downtime begins.

To remove a resource from Downtime, go to the configuration screen for Resources and Delete the relevant Downtime period.


The Report button at the top right of the page is used to run reports. The report will show the bookings for selected rooms/resources over a date range.

Room changes and cover in SIMS

If a room has already been booking in Insight and then a room closure, room change or cover is applied in SIMS to the same room, there will be a collision. This is where two bookings are made for the same room at the same time.

iThis does not occur if the room change/room closure/cover is applied in SIMS first, as Insight will not allow a booking to be made in this case. The issue only arises when a booking is made in Insight first, and then a change is made in SIMS

There is a Collision feature in Insight to handle this. The following role options are required to manage collisions:
Manage > Resource Booking (On)
Manage > Resource Booking > Allow configuration (On)

You should then access the Resource Booking screen in Insight. At the top right of the page click Configure. On the Configuration page click the Collisions button. You can then either click Report to view a list of Collisions, or click Delete to delete all of the Insight bookings where Collisions exist.

If you use the Delete feature, any user that has had a booking deleted will automatically receive an email notifying them.

iInsight needs to be configured in order to send emails and SMS messages. See the communication setup page for further information.