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Addmod2.png Additional Module

The Insight app is an additional module in Insight. It allows parents and students to access some Insight features using an app on their phone. The app is available on Android and Apple operating systems only.

As the Insight app is an additional module of Insight, a separate charge applies. Please contact for further information.


Users will see the homepage when they first log in to the app. A picture of the child will appear at the top of the screen. If a parent is logged in and they have more than one child at school, the parent can switch between children by swiping to the left or right.

Each of the available menu items will have a button. Buttons will be removed if the user's role options do not allow them to access that menu item.

App home2.png


The notices page will display all of the user's notices for the previous month. Older notices cannot be viewed using the app.

App notices2.png

Tapping on a notice opens a window showing the full body of the notice and links to any attachments to the notice.

App notice detail2.png


The assignments screen shows the homework assignments given to a pupil. The number of new and outstanding homeworks will appear at the top right of the screen and the list of homeworks is shown at the bottom.

App assignments2.png

Users can tap on a homework to view the full information about the homework and download any attachments.

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The attendance page will display the student's attendance to one day of lessons at school. Previous/future days can be viewed using the arrow buttons at the top of the screen. There is also a button that allows users to report absences.

App attendance2.png

Parents Evening

This screen is used to book parents evening appointments. A list of the user's existing appointments will be displayed on screen. Existing bookings can be removed and notes can be added.

App parents eve.png

New bookings are created using the Book button at the top right of the page. This will display a list of available staff members and the appointment time that they have remaining.

App PE booking.png

Examination Timetable

Merit / Demerit

This screen shows a list of the positive and negative behaviour incidents for the pupil.

App behaviour.png


The pupil's assessment data will be shown.

App assessments.png

Linked Staff

A list of staff linked to the student will be displayed.

App linked staff.png

School Dinners

The school dinners screen shows what the pupil purchased for lunch and how much money remains in their account.

App school dinners1.png


The reports screen is used to view documents from the student's Linked Documents section in SIMS. Users can give feedback about each report. The reports will be displayed in a PDF reader or similar software, depending on the file format of the document.

App reports.png

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