How often should a school behaviour policy be reviewed?

As schools are expected to provide a safe and secure learning environment for their pupils, behaviour policies play an important role in achieving this.


What is a behavior policy?

A behaviour policy outlines the expectations and procedures for pupil behaviour management, as well as the consequences for misbehaviour.

These policies usually cover topics such as safety, respect, academic integrity, anti-bullying measures, non-discrimination policies, and consequences for breaking the rules.

How often should we review our behavior policy?
Your school’s behaviour policy should be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain relevant and effective. It is generally recommended that schools review their behaviour policy at least once a year, or more frequently if changes in legislation or circumstances require it. This review should involve staff, students, and parents to ensure that the policy is fair, consistent, and useful for everyone involved in the school community.

Why might a behavior policy change mid-term?
Constant changes in trends and technology mean that something might happen mid-term that means the school’s behavior policy needs changing quickly. If a new toy trend becomes distracting in class, or if a new online trend becomes potentially dangerous to students, then you may need to be able to edit your behaviour policy to adapt to these changing trends and technologies.
Take Chat GPT for example; your school might need to edit your behavior policy to communicate the usage of AI technology.

How to communicate behavior policy changes to your faculty?

Any changes to the policy should be communicated effectively to all staff, pupils, parents and stakeholders, and training should be provided to staff to ensure they are familiar with the updated policy.

To ensure that the behaviour policy is easily accessible to all stakeholders, it should be uploaded into the school’s data management software. This will ensure that parents, pupils and staff can easily access the policy at any time, and be able to refer to it as needed. Schools that use Talaxy are able to edit their school’s behavior policy, upload it and send it to all relevant parties at the touch of a button so that everyone stays informed and up-to-date.
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