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Access ___ behaviour incidents
Configure behaviour schemes

In PARS grounds and outcomes are categorised to make it easier and quicker for staff to enter behaviour incidents. When adding a behaviour incident, staff must choose the category first. They will then only see grounds and outcomes related to that category. Commonly used categories are:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour & Attitude
  • Equipment & Uniform
  • Work

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Behaviour > Configure > Configure categories

Adding or editing a category

The categories page will show you all of the existing categories that have been created. To add a new category, click the "Add" button from the top toolbar. Alternatively, select an existing category and click "Edit".


This will open a window where you can see and amend the details of your category. The title of the category is specified at the top of the window and there are two scroll boxes.


The top box contains a list of all of the grounds you have created. Only grounds that have been ticked are available to use with this category, so tick any grounds that should be available. If no grounds are ticked then no grounds will be available within this category.

The bottom box contains a list of all of the outcomes you have created. Like grounds, any outcomes that are ticked will be available within this category. However unlike grounds, if no outcomes are selected, then all outcomes will be available when using this category. Therefore if you want the category to contain all outcomes, you should not tick anything in the outcome box (the bottom one).

Deleting categories

To delete a category, simply select the cateogory you want to delete and click the "Delete" button from the top toolbar. The category will be deleted, though your grounds and outcomes will be unaffected.

Restrict usage

Like many things in PARS, categories can be restricted so that only certain staff may use them. To do this, select the category that you want to restrict, then click the "Restrict usage" button from the top toolbar. This will open a window where you can choose which staff members are allowed to use this category.

Tick any staff members that should be able to use this category. If no staff members are selected then all staff will be allowed to use the category.