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to access this module:
Contact Management
Access notices management screen
Set up and modify a Text Messaging account

PARS can send SMS messages for various reasons, such as truancy/absence, school closure, sports team meetings, behaviour awards, etc. SMS messages can be sent to internal or external contacts. For this you will need an account with textanywhere who are the SMS provider that we work with.

This page is used to input the details of your Text Anywhere account, as well as configure some preferences. Please note that your proxy server details must be correct for SMS messages to send.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > Contact management > Configure > Configure SMS

Account details

There are two tabs at the top of this page - one for your Text Anywhere account details and another to configure SMS preferences.

Click the link that says "Here" to go to Text Anywhere's website. You can setup an account for free which will provide you with 50 free SMS messages. The messages never expire so you can create a free account whenever you like without any drawbacks.


Once you have created an account, enter the Client identifier and Client password into PARS. Please note that the Client identifier is not an email address and will normally be in the format shown in the screenshot above. Once you have entered those details, contact us at TASC Software to obtain your authorisation code. You can either use the email address provided or ring 01902 824281.

Once all details on this page are entered, click "Save" at the top-left. Then click the "Test" button which will open a window - enter your mobile number and click "OK".

You can also click the "Credits" button to find out how many SMS messages you have remaining.


If you click the "Options" tab at the top of the page, you can configure SMS preferences.


Reply to email address
If you want all SMS replies to be sent to an email address, then enter the email address here. Using this means that SMS replies cannot be stored in the pupils' contact logs.

Use separate reply to for detentions
If you are using an email address to receive SMS replies (above), then you can use this option to specify a separate email address that will receive replies to SMS messages sent via the edit detention page.

If this field is blank then SMS message sent from PARS will come from a random telephone number (which will never change). You can enter text or numbers here, which will replace the random number. You might want your SMS messages to come from "TASC School" or something similar, rather than a phone number. If you enter something into this field, parents will not be able to reply.

Use SSL connection
If your messages are being blocked by your proxy server, then tick this option.