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You need to rerun a PARS [[service pack]]. <br> <br>
You need to rerun a PARS [[service pack]]. <br> <br>
==Pupils are missing from the All Years group==
The All Years group is a group containing all pupils at the school. This group needs to be updated regularly in case pupils have arrived at the school or left - this is a job performed by the automation module. Go to: <br>
'''[[PARS main menu]] > [[System management]] > [[Automation]] <br> <br>
On the jobs tab, look for an entry called "Refresh All Years". At least one of the days to the right should be green. If none are green, click the magnifying glass button to the left, and tick one or more of the days of the week. <br> <br>

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I can see a message about the Automation module not running

You should check that the automation module is installed and running. To do this, follow the instructions on our troubleshooting automation page.

On the status tab, it says automation has never polled

You need to rerun a PARS service pack.