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Homework / Assignments

PARS can be used to record and track assignments (often called homework). The various features relating to assignments are described in brief below, with a link to a wiki page that goes into more detail about each feature. Each link that you can click is coloured and emboldened like this (you can't click on this one).


Issuing and managing homework

To issue and manage assignments, you should use the assignment diary. This can be accessed either via the main menu, or from your register. You can issue and record assignments, as well as adding behaviour incidents or emailing parents/pupils.

Reporting on homework

You can find information about assignments - such as how often they are issued, which pupils are not completing them, etc. - using assignment diary reports.


Creating homework categories

You may wish to categorise assignments i.e. Home Learning, Revision, Mock Test, etc. This is done via the assignment categories feature. Once categories have been created, they can be used by staff.

Preferences relating to homework

You can also change the terminology used in PARS; often schools prefer "homework" to "assignment". This is done via preferences.

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