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Pupil info
See the ___ tab on the pupil information screen

The pupil information window is used to show an overview of information for one pupil. The pupil information window can be accessed from any area of PARS and will show a wide range of information, depending on the permissions given to the user.

This page is accessed by clicking the i button on the quick launch bar at the very top of PARS. This bar is always visible, so you can access the pupil information window regardless of the page of PARS you are using.

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The personal tab is displayed by default. All personal data is linked directly with SIMS; if SIMS data is incorrect, it will be incorrect here. The top of the window shows basic information about the pupil as well as their photograph. Medical data can also be viewed here, if the user has the correct permissions.

If the student has any siblings at school, the siblings' names will be shown at the bottom of the window. Clicking on a sibling's name will open the details for that pupil.


The bottom of the window shows a breakdown of the pupil's behaviour, cumulative year-to-date attendance percentages in each subject, classes and tutor groups where: Pres = Present; Auth = Authorised absence; Unauth = Unauthorised absence and Late = late.

Behaviour information is also cumulative year-to-date, and is given where M/C = merit count: the number of individual merits awarded; M/T = merit total: the total number of merit points awarded; D/C = demerit count: the number of individual demerits awarded and D/T = demerit total: the total number of demerit points awarded.


This will show a variety of radial graphs relating to aspects of the student's attendance, behaviour and grading including. You can enlarge any of the charts on the dashboard tab by clicking on them.

The attendance chart will show the pupil's attendance to each of their subjects.

If you have any key indicator templates configured, then charts will also display showing the pupil's grades based on the key indicator setup. Each 'slice' of the chart represents one subject and if there are two grades to compare, then the slice will be divided into two parts. One part will always be yellow, which represents the pupil's target. The other section is the pupil's current grade which will either be red or green depending on whether it is better or worse than the target.

The behaviour charts also show cumulative year-to-date data. These charts show various breakdowns of the pupil's behaviour, including:

  • The location of positive/negative behaviour
  • Staff members recording the most/least incidents
  • Most frequent grounds and outcomes
  • The subjects where most positive/negative behaviour occurs



This will display a summary of the student's behaviour in a graph, and a list of historic behaviour incidents for that student. The data is shown as a line chart and bar chart separately.


A list of existing behaviour incidents for the pupil are found at the bottom of the tab. You can see the details of each incident and if you have the correct permissions, you will be able to edit and delete the incidents. You can also add behaviour incidents from here.


View the pupil's timetable for the current week. View another week's timetable by using the calendar button near the top left of the timetable window. You can print the timetable using the browser print function (hold ctrl and press P).



The SEN tab provides information about the pupil's special educational needs including and "Gifted and Talented" information that may be available. It can be hidden via a person's permissions. SEN and G&T datails taken from SIMS and can only be updated via SIMS


Single Support Plans

Single Support Plans (SSPs) can be uploaded to PARS and assigned to pupils. A student can have multiple SSPs assigned to them and each SSP can be linked to a specific subject.

The documents that you can use on the SSP tab are uploaded on the SSP writer designs page. Once a design has been uploaded, you can assign it to a pupil and begin recording information. Providing that other staff have the permissions needed to view the SSP tab, they will be able to view the document.



The contacts tab is separated into two sections. The first section shows a list of contacts taken from SIMS. You will be able to see the home address, email address(es) and telephone number(s) for each of the pupil's contacts. You can click on a contact's name to record the details of contact that you have had with them (typically this is a phone call). This works the same way as clicking the adhoc button on the external contact page.


The bottom section of the contacts tab shows the contact history between the school and the family. All contacts are shown and if you have the necessary permissions, you can edit or delete them. If attachments have been sent with messages then these can be downloaded here.



The detentions tab shows a list of the detentions that the pupil has received over the course of the academic year, as well as the reason that the detentions were given, the staff member that issued them and whether or not the pupil attended the detention.


Extra Classes

The extra classes section shows a list of the extra class registers where the pupil has received a mark. The date and name of each extra class is shown, as well as the pupil's attendance code.


On Report

Shows a history of all the instances of the student being placed on report throughout the academic year.


Linked documents

This shows documents linked to the student that are stored on the SIMS Document server. If the user has the correct permissions they can also use the 'Upload' button to upload new files to the Document server. If documents are set to 'Private' in SIMS, they cannot be seen here.


Once a file is uploaded to the document server, it is linked to that student, and can be reviewed at any time by members of staff. Please note you can export this page to xls also using the xls export button on the right of the window.


Allows the user to view the parental consents given to the student in SIMS.



The attendance tab shows the pupil's attendance in detail. At the top, there is a week-by-week view showing the pupil's attendance to their AM and PM periods. On the right hand side, there is a percentage total for each week.


Below the weekly attendance there are three analyses; code summary, statistical summary and session summary.

Code summary
This shows a breakdown of the attendance codes that the pupil is receiving.
Statistical summary
This shows the percentages of the pupil's attendance which is present, authorised absence, unauthorised absence, etc.
Session summary
Day by day attendance can be seen here.


KI (Key Indicators)

This is a nice quick way of finding out which pupils are above or below target in each subject based on pairs of grades - example: Current Grade v Target Grade. The Grades used here will require a data manager within School to configure via Key indicators

I KI.jpg

Exam results

The exam results tab will show the grades the pupil has received in various exams, as taken from SIMS.

I exam.jpg