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The Document Conversion page

The Document Conversion page is used to install and run the PARS Document Converter. This process will convert certain types of documents to PDF. Student Reviews, Behaviour Slips, Detention Slips and Removal Slips are all handled by the Document Converter. PDFs generated via External Contact and reports (either using the Share button or by automating a report) are not affected by the Document Converter.

The following permissions are required to access the External Contact page:
System Management > Access PARS management options (On)
System Management > Manage document conversion settings (On)

The page is accessed via:
Main Menu > System management > System > Document converter


If users are receiving a message stating that the Document Converter is offline or unreachable, then the Document Converter needs to be restarted. The method for restarting the Document Converter depends on the method selected to run it (see below).


The PARS Document Converter is an executable that needs to run on a server that PARS can access. Typically this executable is run on the IIS server hosting PARS but this is not required; the Document Server can be set to run on another server if required.

Google Chrome must be installed on the machine that is going to run the PARS Document Converter.

Method 1

Method 1 is the default. When a PARS Service Pack is run, the Document Converter will be started on the IIS server. If the Document Converter stops or becomes unreachable you would need to run a PARS Service Pack to restart it.

To begin using Method 1, simply select the option then click Save.

Using Method 1 you can restart the Document Converter by running a PARS Service Pack, or manually by accessing the server hosting PARS. First open Task Manager. If there is Background Process called "PARS XSLListener" running, kill it.

Next go to the ...\_tools\XSLListener folder within the PARS installation directory e.g.:

Run the XSLListener.exe file from this folder to restart the Document Converter. The Document Converter will now run as a Console Application, and must be left running on the server.

Method 2

The Document Converter will run as a service on the IIS server hosting PARS. This method does not require a Windows account to remained logged in to the server. The Document Converter will be run as a Local System service.

To begin using Method 2, simply select the option then click Save.

When using Method 2, the only way to restart the Document Server is by running a PARS Service Pack.

Method 3

Method 3 is used if you want the Document Converter to run on another server. Some schools experience an issue where the IIS server must be rebooted before the Document Converter will resume correct function. To avoid this situation, the Document Converter can be run as an app on another server. When the Document Converter is run in this way, it can be restarted by closing and reopening the app, rather than restarting the server.

To use Method 3 first log on to the server on which you would like the Document Converter app to run. Visit the Document Server page in PARS and select Method 3 then use the Download files button to download the Document Converter.

You can extract the Document Converter files to any location on the computer. Run the .exe file to begin the Document Converter, which will close all instances of Google Chrome on the machine. This .exe file can be restarted as and when necessary. If the .exe is closed, the Document Server will be offline.