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Now that you have created accounts for your staff members, you need to give them permissions to use the system. Click on the "Users" button on the top toolbar.

You will now see a list of staff members. One or more staff members can be selected using the checkboxes next to their photos. Once you have selected the staff member(s), click the "Open" button at the top right of the page. You will see a window where you can alter users' permissions.


By default, users are approved. This means that Cura will recognise them and allow them to perform actions in the system (as long as they have any other required permissions, see below). If a user is not approved, they will not be able to log in, regardless of their other permissions.


The user's clearance level decides which pieces of information they are able to view. When a staff member records something in Cura, they will need to give a clearance level between 1 and 5. The higher the clearance, the more sensitive the information is. A staff member can record an incident using any clearance level (they may witness something extremely sensitive, which should be recorded regardless of their permissions) however they will not be able to review incidents above their clearance level.
This will have the most noticeable effect on the homepage.


Account manager
This allows a user to modify other users' permissions. A user with this permission cannot have the "Data Entry" permission.

Data entry

This must be active for users to record Concerns, Meetings, Correspondances or Actions. See homepage for more info.

Data importer

This gives access to the import page, used to importing children and staff into Cura.

Resource manager

Upload resources, such as contact forms and policies, for other users to download.

Resource consumer

This allows users to download resources that have been imported into Cura (see above).

Report runner

A Report Runner is allowed to run reports to analyse the data that has been recorded in Cura.


Whether or not the user can log in


The sensitivity of incidents that can be seen

Severity range

The range of incidents that the user can deal with

Simplified interface

For recording data only