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Change password

If you have forgotten your password to Cura, you will need to click the "Don't know your password?" link at the bottom of the login page.


Enter your email address and click the "Password recovery" button.


This will send an email to your email address. In the email, there will be a link that you should click. This will open another copy of Cura - you can close this new page immediately. A new password will then be emailed to you.

Getting a new PIN number

If you cannot generate PIN numbers, you will need to get another QR code to scan into an authenticator. To do this, you will need to contact your System Administrator, who can generate a new QR code for you by following these steps:

  1. Log into Cura as admin and go to the users page
  2. Select the user in question then click the "Reset secret" button at the top-right of the page
  3. Now log out and have the user log in using their username and password. They will be given a new QR code to scan

Allowing users to login using SIMS username and password

Users will only be able to login using their SIMS accounts if they have had accounts imported in Cura, and if the service controller has been configured correctly.

If staff are not able to login using their SIMS details then you should first check that they appear on the users page.

If the staff member(s) do appear on the login page, then you should check the installation notes.

Users do not know their login details

Users may be able to login using their SIMS credentials. If this is not possible, see the question above.

If users are not using SIMS credentials, then they will need to use the email address attached to their Cura account. This can be seen on the users page which is only visible when logged in as admin.

If the users do not know their password, then see the logging in page for instructions.

Users with PINS could login previously, but now always see a message about incorrect PINs

Your server's time may have misaligned with the 'real' time. Log on to the server that is hosting Cura and go to this webpage:

If the server's time is different to the time on that webpage by more than 30 seconds then the server's time is wrong. If the server handles its own time then you can simply update the time on the server. If the time is provided to the server by another machine using an NTP protocol, then you will need to update the time on that machine, which will in turn update the server.

Editing or deleting the admin account

If you need to amend the details of the admin account or delete it (perhaps because the member of staff using the account has left school, or has lost their phone and needs a new QR code) then you will need to delete and recreate the admin account. To do this, you must log on to the server on which Cura is installed.

Once logged onto the server, go to the Cura folder and edit the web.config file. Look for a setting called "mode":

<setting name="mode" serializeAs="String">

The value of the "mode" setting needs to be changed to "deleteadmin".

<setting name="mode" serializeAs="String">

Then the next time any user visits the Cura page, the admin account will be deleted. On screen a message will displayed to confirm this: The user Admin has been deleted from the memberships database. Admin accounts deleted: 1.

Once this is done, you should change the value back to "normal" and recreate the admin account. Note that while the value is set to "deleteadmin", users will not be able to log in to Cura.

Does the data in Cura write back to SIMS?

Cura does not write back to SIMS. Cura uses its own separate database entirely. This is mostly for security, but there are also no fields in SIMS to hold the data from Cura.