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Cura is a web based application, so you will need to go your school's Cura web page on-line to log in. Someone in school (typically your network manager) will be able to give you the web page address. You will then see the Cura log in page.

If you are a SIMS user then you may be able to use your SIMS username and SIMS password. Otherwise, your username will be your work email address. (Instructions for configuring Cura to allow you to login using SIMS details can be found on the installation page).


If you have not logged in before, then you will need to generate your own password. (Please confirm from your network manager that an account has been created for you)
To do this, click the "Don't know your password?" link at the bottom of the login page.


Enter your email address and click the "Password recovery" button. This will send an email to your email address. In the email, there will be a link that you should click. This will open another copy of Cura - you can close this new page immediately. A new password will then be emailed to you.

Pin number access for added security

Depending on the settings for your account, you may also need a PIN number to login. When logging in for the first time, you may be presented with a window that says "New PIN Generation". If you see this window then your account requires a PIN number in addition to a username and password.


To get your PIN number you will need to download an authenticator, which is can be an app for your phone or tablet, or a program that you run on your PC. There are several different authenticators available for free via the Play Store or App Store, or search for “Windows Authenticator” if you want to run it as a program on your PC. Any of these methods will work. You should either download an authenticator immediately, or take a note of the 16 character code below the QR code.

Once you have an authenticator, scan the QR code or type in the 16 digit code to generate your PIN. Your device will generate a new PIN number every 30 seconds.


Once you have filled in the required information including the pin from your chosen device, you will be logged into the Cura system.

Changing your password

To change your password to something more memorable under your username on the top right, click on your username and click on Change password.


A screen will appear requiring you to enter the old password and confirm the new password, click on Change Password to complete.


A screen will appear confirming "Your password has been changed successfully".