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The usage category contains instructions for the day to day usage of Cura, including recording concerns about children, reviewing incidents and running reports.

Home page

The home page is what staff will see when they log in to Cura (unless they are using the simplified view - see this page for more about simplified view).

From the home page, staff can:

  • See which incidents they need to review and review them
  • View a timeline of their upcoming meetings and events
  • Manage their affinities, linking them with specific pupils in the school

Finding students and recording concerns/information

The students page shows a list of all of the children in school. You can use this page to find specific children.

Once you have chosen a child, you can view existing information relating to them, or record new information or concerns about that child.

Reviewing concerns, meetings and other information

The reviewing information page explains how you can use Cura to follow up on concerns that have been raised regarding children at your school.


Cura can be used to host resources for staff to download at any time. These could files such as the school's child protection policy, or a contact list for staff responsible for vulnerable children.


Reports can be run to identify persistent concerns about pupils, and analyse the data recorded in Cura.

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