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The configuration category covers the various areas of Cura that may need to be configured before users begin using the system. This ranges from the initial installation of Cura to importing a list of staff users and children.


The installation & version updates page covers the instructions that you need to follow in order to install Cura onto your servers at school and update when new versions are released.

Getting started

The getting started page covers the steps needed to create an admin account and assign permissions. You will need to do this before you can import any staff users or children into the system.

System settings

On the system settings page you can find details about the information that Cura requires, such as SMTP and Proxy details.


You will need to import both staff users and children into Cura before you can begin using the system.


Once you have imported staff users into the system you will need to assign permissions to them.

From the users page you can also set staff affinities, which link staff members to particular students e.g. form tutors to the pupils in their form.

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