First Day Nerves.

Happy September!
As we gear up for a busy month, we wanted to take some time to reflect on how your pupils will
be feeling at the start of the school year. It’s common for children to feel nervous on their first day of school, but there are several things that parents and teachers can do to help them
combat those nerves.
Here’s some of our favourite ways to help support your child through the transition between
years and beat those first day jitters:

⭐️ Talk to your students: Take the time to have an open conversation with your students about
their fears and worries. Listen attentively and assure them that their feelings are normal. If their
worries seem more than the usual first day jitters, make a note of what they have told you in a
safeguarding software programme.
⭐️ Visit the school beforehand: If possible, invite future students to visit the school before their
first day. This will help familiarise them with the environment and ease any anxiety they may
⭐️ Meet the teacher: Arrange a meeting with your new pupils before the first day of school.
This will help them feel more comfortable and build a positive connection with you.
⭐️ Communicate with parents: Reach out to the parents in your child’s class or grade and
encourage them to connect with each other. By fostering new friendships, your child will have
someone they know on their first day, which can greatly reduce their nervousness. An easy way
to do this is with TALAXY, our school communication software.
⭐️ Establish a routine: Establishing a consistent morning routine in school can provide a sense
of structure and security for your child. This will help them feel more prepared for the day ahead.
⭐️ Encourage them to pack their favourite items: Encourage your pupils to bring something
that makes them feel safe and secure, like a special toy or a family photo, in their backpack.
Having familiar items nearby can help alleviate anxiety.
⭐️ Rehearse and role-play: Encourage your students to practice different scenarios at home,
such as meeting new friends or navigating the school building. This can boost their confidence
and prepare them for potential challenges.
⭐️ Focus on the positive aspects: Talk about all the exciting things your students will
experience at school, such as making new friends, learning new things, or participating in fun
activities. Shifting their focus to the positives can help alleviate their nervousness.
⭐️ Prepare them physically and mentally: Educate your students on the importance of rest and
nourishment. This will make sure that the student gets enough sleep the night before and has a

nutritious breakfast on their first day. Physical well-being can significantly impact emotional
⭐️ Be supportive: Lastly, provide continuous support and encouragement. Let your pupils know
that you believe in them and that you’re proud of them. Your reassurance and presence can
make a significant difference in easing their nerves.
Remember, it’s normal for children to experience first-day nerves, so be patient and
With your guidance and support, your students will gradually become more comfortable and
adapted to their new school environment.