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Prior to implementing TASC CURA, our school relied on an unsuitable paper-based system for managing various processes. The driving force behind our decision to seek a new solution was the directive from our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) to adopt CURA.

Amongst the impressive features CURA offers, the ability to provide easy visibility into chronologies stands out. The software organises and presents information in a clear and chronological manner, making it effortless to track events and identify patterns. This feature not only saves us valuable time but also enhances our overall efficiency in managing safeguarding cases.

CURA has been instrumental in helping us achieve our safeguarding goals, particularly when it comes to reporting case studies to governors. The software excels at generating comprehensive summaries, allowing us to present the necessary information in a concise and structured manner. This has greatly facilitated our reporting process and ensured that governors receive a comprehensive overview of each case study.

If I were to pinpoint the single biggest reason to recommend CURA to other schools, it would be the remarkable level of oversight it offers in setting up permission levels for staff. The software provides a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to easily assign and manage access levels, ensuring that sensitive data remains confidential and accessible only to authorised personnel. This feature instils confidence in the system’s security and promotes a safe environment for students and staff alike.

Jo Kerkham 

Brisley C.E. Primary Academy


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