With World Book Day looming just around the corner (2nd March to be precise!), we thought we’d share some of our favourite ways that our data management software can help teachers to prepare and share for the big day!

Educational data management software can help schools to prepare for World Book Day in a number of ways.

Firstly, Talaxy can provide insight into the books and authors that students are interested in, helping to inform which new titles and authors to introduce to students. Simply upload a list of resources for the students to access and pull inspiration from, and then run a report to see which were the most popular ones! Hey presto, you’ve got data to create your theme for this year’s activities.

Talaxy can also provide insight into reading habits and levels, enabling teachers to identify which students or classes require interventions or additional support prior to World Book Day, to get them excited about reading.

Event coordination is simpler and more efficient using Talaxy data management software, as teachers are able to easily share the information parents need to know for World Book Day events.

You can keep track of who has and hasn’t seen the messages, and make sure they get passed on so that everyone gets involved!

You can broadcast your theme for this year in plenty of time so that everyone can get their outfits ready, allowing excitement to build for the big day.

Want to share photographs of everyone’s costumes on the day to your faculty and parents? Simply upload them to Talaxy, and share them with the relevant people! Parents will love to see their little ones in action enjoying their day.

Talaxy can also be used for generating reports related to book and reading events, enabling teachers to measure their effectiveness and plan for future events. If you’re thinking about hosting a sponsored readathon, a book fair, or any other other extra events to mark World Book Day, you can research the information from past events to see which might be most popular, and plan your activities from that information.

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