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System management
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Give access to subject leader configuration

Subject leaders are the Heads of Subjects and Heads of Department within school. This page is used to configure a list of subject leaders so that other areas of PARS can use them - behaviour incidents can be referred to a Head of Subject and subject leaders can analyse the assessment data within their subject using the grading analysis.

This page is accessed via:
PARS main menu > System management > Configure > Subject leaders

The subject leaders page

This page will show a list of the staff who are currently configured as leaders of one or more subjects.


New subject leaders can be added by clicking the plus button next to the relevant subject. A window will open to select the staff member(s) who is the head of that subject. Heads of Subject or Faculty can be linked to specific year groups. Therefore different year groups may have different heads for the same Subject or Faculty. The selected year groups can be edited by clicking the pencil button next to a staff member's name.

To remove one of the staff members from this page, click the dustbin button next to a staff member and they will be removed as head of that subject (any other subjects that they are the head of will not be affected).