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  • created in Insight for parents to use. Threads are created by staff or admin at the school. Parents are allowed to post replies to these threads. For mo
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  • system. More than one account can be selected for this purpose and only Admin accounts can populate this field. Any accounts that have been specified as
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  • If you are an admin user and you need to start a topic, you will need to create an ad-hoc non-a
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  • ==Admin/Staff making Bookings== The following role options are required for staff to admin to make bookings for an Event: <br>
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  • To manually create accounts for admin staff or to run the Sync process, users require the following '''[[roles|ro ==Admin==
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  • ...eated your gallery it will also appear in the list of [[role options]]. An admin user for Insight will need to go to: <br>
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  • ...password and has forgotten it, they can either reset it themselves, or an admin user for Insight can reset it for them. Once a user's password has been man Admin users in Insight can reset passwords for users. Note that this cannot be do
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  • The username is admin and the password is password. <br> <br>
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  • ...server is also a domain controller you will not be able to create a local admin account, therefore you will not be able to use the batch PDF processes.'''
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  • ...his access for staff. The Assignment Permissions page is only available to admin users. <br> <br>
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  • ...ole assigned to them is determined by '''[[synchronisation rules]]'''. For admin and staff accounts the role is decided when performing a sync (see '''[[use Only Admin users are able to access the Roles page. The Roles page is accessed via: <b
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  • * Username: admin
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  • ...f you do not select this option, the notes will be visible only to you and admin staff. <br> <br> <br>
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  • ...can be seen on the [[snapshot]] page or on the [[notices]] page. Staff or admin users can send notices using the [[notice composer]] page (depending on the The [[notice composer]] page allows admin and staff users to send messages to parents and pupils. This setting can be
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