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The KeepAlive tab of the Insight Service Controller

Keep Alive is a service that runs on the IIS server that hosts Insight. Keep Alive is essential for Insight to perform several key tasks, such as automated synchronisations with SIMS and PDF handling.

The Keep Alive service is automatically installed as part of the process of installing Insight.

Checking that the KeepAlive address is correct

The Using address(es) field needs to contain the URL to access Insight. You must check that:

  1. If you enter the URL into a browser, the browser loads Insight
  2. The URL does not redirect. If the URL does redirect, enter the final URL after redirection has completed into the Using address(es) field

Restarting or Updating KeepAlive

For various reasons (particularly unexpected server reboots) the KeepAlive service can stop running. If the KeepAlive service has stopped running, you will not be able to find it in the Task Manager on the IIS server. The KeepAlive service may also require a version update itself, as part of the Insight version update process.

Use the following flowchart to update or restart KeepAlive:

KeepAlive flowchart.png