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==Clone an event==
==Clone an event==
To create a close of an event that has already been created before: <br>
To create a clone of an event that has already been created before: <br>
Highlight the original event, then please click the 'Clone Event' button[[File:Ebtn4.png]] <br>
Highlight the original event, then please click the 'Clone Event' button[[File:Ebtn4.png]] <br>

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Using Events functionality within INSIGHT, you can create and manage various events that are to be held within school.

  • Seat Booking system - Allocate an amount of seats to be made available for Students and Student contacts to be able to reserve for an event. Allow Students and Student contacts to book seats for an event.
  • Arrange and review seating - Book seating on behalf of students or student contacts, review current bookings
  • Limit user reservations - Limit the amount of bookings a single user can book for an event.
  • Public or Private Events - Create 'Public' (Invite everyone) or 'Private' events (By invitation only)
  • Dynamic Event ticket creation - Dynamic event ticket creation using information entered during creation of an event.
  • Report on Event Attendance - See reports that display event attendance information.

Manage Events

To manage events, please click the 'Manage Events' MngEvntMnuItm.png button from the 'Manage' section in the INSIGHT Menu Sidebar.

Table of Events

In this 'Manage Events' screen you should see a table of events that have been created, if none have yet been created, none will be displayed within this table.


There are some columns within the table:

  • Title - This displays the Title of the event.
  • Start - This displays the Date on which the event will take place.
  • Max Bookings - This displays the maximum amount of bookings a user can book for the event.
  • Current - This displays the amount of reservations that have been booked for the event so far.
  • Per Student - This tick box displays whether the booking limitation that has been configured for the event is 'Per student' or 'Per user'.
  • Status_Description - This displays the current 'Status' for the event.

Create a new event

To create a new event, click the 'Add Event' buttonEbtn1.png.

This will then open a new window in which you will be required to input some details about your new event.


  • Title - Please type a title for the event here.
  • Start - This is where you specify the date & time of the event.
  • Number of rows of seats - This is where you should specify the number of rows of seats/places that will be available at the event.
  • Seperate adult and junior - If ticked, this will ensure that Parents and Students are seated separately.
  • Maximum reservations - This is where you should specify how many bookings an individual user can reserve.
  • Per Student' This tickbox is for when you wish to specify a limit of bookings per student'
  • Status - This option is where you specify the current status of the event. There are three status's that can be used.

Design - The event is being created
Booking - Users can currently book reservations for this event
Closed - The event is not closed and can't be attended
Please change this status as is required and appropriate at each stage of the event

Edit an existing event

To edit an existing event, please highlight the event from within the list of events within the 'Event table'

Then please click 'Edit selected event'Ebtn2.png

This will then open the 'Event details' window in which various options for the 'Event' can be edited.

Please note that when an event has a status of 'Booking' you will be unable to edit certain aspects of the event

Delete an Event

To delete an event, simply highlight the event.

Then click 'Delete event'Ebtn3.png

Please note that events with a status of 'Booking' can also be removed this way

Clone an event

To create a clone of an event that has already been created before:

Highlight the original event, then please click the 'Clone Event' buttonEbtn4.png

This will then open a new 'Event details' window in which you should specify the date and time this event clone should take place.

You can also specify a new event name at this point.

Arrange seating for an event

To arrange seating for an event, highlight an event and then click 'Arrange seating'Ebtn5.png

This will then open a screen that looks like the one posted below.


In the screenshot I have highlighted some area of this screen to explain what each can be used to do.

  • The first area (top centre) allows you to select a student to reserve seats for, selecting 'Unavailable' rather than a student name will allow you to instead specify seats that are unavailable.
  • The second area (middle centre) displays each seat/place available for the event. Clicking within this section while a pupil name is selected will reserve a seat for the selected student/student contact.
  • The third area (bottom left) displays a count of how many spaces have currently been reserved.

Inform invited users of Event

Create a User Defined Page to advertise Event

Please note, that in order for an event to be accessible to your invited users, the role option labelled 'Events' must be turned on within your 'Parental role'

In order to ensure that your users are aware of the event you have created, you will need to create a User-defined pages page that will provide some details about the event and will also explain the method users will require to make reservations for the event should they wish to attend.

It might also be worthwhile to provide some information about the availability of an event at this stage.

Please visit this link to find out more about creating User-defined pages in INSIGHT.

Please note that in order to ensure that your user-defined page is seen, please more this to the top of role options for your parental role, as this will ensure that the UDP is the first thing to appear when users log into INSIGHT.

Report on Event

To run a report containing information about reservations for an event, please click the 'Report' buttonEbtn6.png

Then from the selection that appears, please select the report that you wish to run.

Booking to attend an event as a User

To book to attend an event, navigate to 'Events' within the 'General section' of the INSIGHT Menu Item Sidebar.

Then please click the dropdown button labelled 'Please select an event', then please click the event you wish to attend.

This will then generate the event seating plan, which can then be clicked directly, to select a seat and reserve a place.

This will automatically be saved. You will be unable to reserve more seats than has been configured by the event creator.

Simple as that :)