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The Students page is used to find specific pupils, then record information about them.

There are two different views depending on your account settings; basic and full.

Full view

When you are using the full view, you will see a list of pupils and some information fields about them, such as their SEN status, if they're eligible for Free School Meals, Pupil Premium, etc.

To open a pupil's file, click the "Open" button underneath their photograph.


Personal details

Personal details.jpg The personal details tab will show basic information about a pupil, such as their familial links, SEN status, FSM eligibility, etc.


Chronology.jpg recording information

FACIN summary

FACIN.jpg Every time a piece of information is recorded, a category must be chosen from the Assessment Framework triangle.

The FACIN summary gives an overview of the Assessment Framework categories that have been selected, as well as the varying levels of severity for the information that has been recorded.


Genogram.jpg Text about Genogram

Simplified view