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==FACIN summary==
==FACIN summary==
[[Image:FACIN.jpg]] <br> <br>
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| Text about FACIN

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The Students page is used to find specific pupils, then record information about them.

There are two different views depending on your account settings; basic and full.

Full view

When you are using the full view, you will see a list of pupils and some information fields about them, such as their SEN status, if they're eligible for Free School Meals, Pupil Premium, etc.

To open a pupil's file, click the "Open" button underneath their photograph.


Personal details

Personal details.jpg The personal details tab will show basic information about a pupil, such as their familial links, SEN status, FSM eligibility, etc.


Chronology.jpg Text about chronology

FACIN summary

FACIN.jpg Text about FACIN



Simplified view