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Accessing information

Once information has been entered into Cura by staff, somebody will need to review it to decide whether any action needs to be taken to protect children from harm and maintain their development. This is called reviewing information.

A summary of most pieces of information is available to all staff, but the specific details and the ability to take action as a result of the information are restricted via a user's clearance level. As long as your clearance level is not lower than the clearance level given to a piece of information, and you are not using the simplified view, you will be able to view and action information within Cura.

Information can be accessed and reviewed via either the students page or the home page.


To access a piece of information via the students page, first click the "Open" link underneath the name of a pupil. Next, go to the "Chronology" tab and click the "Open" link next to the piece of information you wish to view.



Home page

On your home page click on either the Alerts or Reviews tab. You will see a list of pupils names (if you have any outstanding alerts or reviews). Click on a pupil's name to expand, and see a list of incidents relating to that pupil. If the background colour of an incident changes when you hover your mouse over it, then you have a high enough clearance level to access that information.


Reviewing information