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The reports page allows you to examine the data that has been recorded in Cura.
With all the available reports you do have the option to export the report to a format that is required such as a PDF or an excel document, this can be done by selecting the "Export" at the top of the page. The user can also filter the columns to requirement by selecting the "Columns" button.


For analysis purposes

Frequent concerns

The frequency report will show any instances where a pupil has had more than X concerns recorded, within a certain time period. In the example below, the report shows each time that a pupil has had 3 or more concerns recorded within a 7 day period.


Concerns by field

The concerns by field report will show you concern incidences by characteristic field. The list will be broken down into various categories and will shows how many concern have been entered into which severity.
The information is broken down into the following categories:

  • Gender - male/female
  • Disability - y/n
  • EAL - y/n
  • FSM - y/n
  • FSM6 - y/n
  • PP - y/n
  • Pregnant - y/n
  • In LA care - y/n
  • Ever in care - y/n
  • Gifted - y/n
  • SEN - not classified
  • SEN - education, health and care plan
  • SEN - SEN support
  • SEN - statement
  • Ethnicity - various classifications
  • Religion - various classifications
  • Year group - Year 1 - 13
  • PSNE - not classified
  • PSNE - physical: restraint
  • PSNE - sexual: FGM, child sexual exploitation, E-safety
  • PSNE - neglect
  • PSNE - emotional: E-safety, radicalisation


For reviewing Logs


The safeguarding log report shows a list of the concerns recorded within a certain time period. The severity, clearance level and summary of each concern are shown, but the detail is not. This means that you can allow staff to run this report themselves without exposing sensitive data.


For reviewing outstanding concerns

Tardy reviews

The tardy reviews report provides a list of concerns that were recorded, they have either not been actioned and are overdue over 48 hours, or concerns have been actioned but were overdue at the time of review, you can also specify the date range.

As you can see from the image below:

  • The concerns from the top of the page are currently overdue - eg Matthews (surname of student), Sindhu (first name) 05/04/2016 14:14:01 (date and time of concern entry) (3026hrs) (hours overue)
  • There is a space separating the unresolved and resolved concerns
  • The concerns from the middle of the page are concerns that have been reviewed however they were left over 48 hours to review - eg Abbey (surname of student), Jimmy (first name) 28/10/2016 16:03:21 (date and time of concern entry) - 23/06/2016 (date and time of concern reviewed) 10:30:58 (5730hrs) (hours overue before review)