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[[Home page#Dashboard|<span style=";">Data made viewable</span>]]
[[Home page#Dashboard|<span style=";">Data represented in a graphical form</span>]]
==Lock new concerns to clearance level==
==Lock new concerns to clearance level==

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TASC Software continue to update CURA listening to establishments, taking into consideration their individual needs as well as sharing good practice.

If you have a problem to solve concerning pupil information / data tracking and you would like a new feature in CURA to save you time then please let us know.


Data represented in a graphical form

Lock new concerns to clearance level

Used when all information is required to be hidden from individuals below the applied clearance level

Alerts screen showing 3 or more concerns in 30 days displayed

List displaying concerns

Entries requiring review broken down and shown with severity range individually

These are now broken down separately and information is shown

Add a generic planned event

This feature enables you to add information to your calendar that is outside of the student file and not linked


Archive and transfer

Cp plans displayed on screen

ADDED: Chronology entries with no associate planned action are emboldened

Framework summary table

Chronology Concern date and entry date

Export calendar entries to local calendar

Clicking on the "Associated" symbol opens the original concern