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Welcome to CURA Wiki,
the guide to TASC Software Solutions; Child Protection Incident Recording
17 articles

Online demonstration site

CURA demo site - Child Safeguarding Software
For data entry user - Username: demo Password: demo123
For DSL user - Username: abella Password: abcd
INSIGHT demo site - Realtime Parental Access
Username: demo Password: demo123
PARS Connect demo site - Pupil Data Management
Username: blacka Password: abcd

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New Features

The framework assessment matrix
A body map for recording the location of injuries

TASC Software continue to update CURA listening to Schools, taking into consideration their individual needs as well as sharing good practice. If you have a problem to solve concerning pupil information / data tracking and you would like a new feature in CURA to save you time then please let us know.

For all new features please refer the New features page, below are the recently added features.

Dashboard showing information taken from the framework assessment
The Framework Assessment shown in a table form

Training & Help Guides (.pdf .doc)

Training for Cura is available if and when required, onsite at your school.
For further details, please contact TASC Support: 01902 824281

Click here to see a list of guides giving illustrated step-by-step instructions to perform common tasks in CURA.

Customer Support and Technical Team

For any technical queries, network questions, software updates, programming or Student review updates, please contact CURA TECHNICAL SERVICES.

If you would like end user support - configurations, generate reports, new features, CURA SUPPORT DESK is available on

01902 824281

Suggestions, requests or issues? please post them to Support
If you do not know your login, please contact either your Network Manager or CURA support desk

Guide how to use our Online Helpdesk ticket system