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Change password

Reset secret code

Editing or deleting the admin account

If you need to amend the details of the admin account or delete it (perhaps because the member of staff using the account has left school, or has lost their phone and needs a new QR code) then you will need to delete and recreate the admin account. To do this, you must log on to the server on which Cura is installed.

Once logged onto the server, go to the Cura folder and edit the web.config file. Look for a section beginning with the <application settings> tag:

  <setting name="mode" serializeAs="String">

The "value" field should be set to "deleteadmin". Then the next time any user visits the Cura page, the admin account will be deleted. Once this is done, you should change the "value" back to "standard" and recreate the admin account. Note that while the value is set to "deleteadmin", users will not be able to log in to Cura.