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If any staff members have been provided the Archivist permission this will allow them under the students page (not the simplified view), to either archive the student should they have left the school or create a transfer which can be exported to another school in the form of a file export, so that the information can be used by them.

When you click on the archive button the student will then be moved to the archived section of the student records, and not appear on your screen any further.


If you are required to archive multiple students then click on the student record (not the photograph) to select, the area will then be greyed out, to complete the archive on the top bar select the Archive button.


A prompt will ask you to confirm if you wish to archive.


Reactivate archived students

If you are required to reactivate any students that have been archived previously simply click on the Show archived button on the top bar this will show you a list of all students archived.


To reactivate the student simply click on the red reactivate button, this will return the student back to your main students page.

Transferring students

To transfer a student to another school, this may have been due to the child changing schools for various reasons, simply click on the amber coloured transfer button on the child, Cura will now prepare a file that is an XFR file extension, this can be zipped and sent to the school should they require this information.