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The affinities page is used to link users to specific students, for example linking a form tutor to the pupils in their form group. Once a user has been linked to a pupil(s), the user will receive alerts whenever information is recorded for that pupil(s) as long as the user's clearance level is high enough to view the information.

Every pupil that has been imported in Cura will be listed with various fields of information, such as Form Group, Gender, SEN status, etc.


Affinties filter.jpg

The page can be filtered by any of the information fields to find specific pupils. To do this, click the filter button next to one of the column headers and choose how you would like to filter:

Once you have selected your filter criteria, the relevant pupils will appear on the page. Use the checkboxes on the far left of the page to select the pupils who should be linked to the chosen staff member.

Please note that you should remove any filters that you have applied before clicking the "Save" button at the top right, otherwise your affinities may not save correctly.