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The Cura system only uses one admin account. If you do not have any existing admin accounts then you will see a link allowing you to create a new admin. Once an admin account has been created, the link will disappear.

Creating an admin account

Before creating your admin account, you should download an authenticator. You will need this to log in to Cura in the future, as will all other users. There are many free authenticators available, including one created by Google. If you want to use the Google authenticator, you can find instructions for it on this webpage.

Once you have installed Cura and have access to an authenticator, you will need to begin creating user accounts. The first account you need to create is the admin account. Go to the Cura homepage, and click the "Register" link at the top right of the page.


You will then need to enter the details for the admin account, including an email address and password. The email address that you use must be registered with us, otherwise you will not be able to log in to Cura. If you are not sure whether your email address has been registered, please contact the TASC Software Help Desk. Once done, you will be given a QR code - scan this with your phone/mobile device or enter the 20 character code into an authenticator. You will need this to log in to Cura and you will not be given another QR code, unless you delete the admin account.


You will notice that the Network time and Server time are both displayed. The server time is the time on the server that you are currently using and the Network time is the current time taken from the Internet. The difference between the two times must be less than 60 seconds otherwise users will experience problems when trying to log in.

If the two times differ by more than 60 seconds then you need to change the time on your current server to reflect the Network time. If your current server's time is provided by another machine using the NTP protocol then you should update the time on that other machine.