Wolstanton High School

Steve Wilkinson, ICT Coordinator

PARS started to prove an essential tool and was expanded to all lessons. It informed staff if a student had been missing from even one lesson. This proved essential in a battle for attendance. Our attendance to lessons improved significantly. Lateness to lessons was reduced.

Another useful feature is the logging of behaviour, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. So we are very keen here to reward good behaviour and we have a merit system that we can add on to the class register by simply clicking onto the child’s name or the whole class and add merits and comment on what these merits were issued for. Obviously we can also do that for demerits… any disruptions can be reduced by the teacher speaking to the pupil at the end of the day. It is very flexible and can be set up to suit any school, any situation if you can think of what you want it to do, it can be set up to do it.”

“PARS is available for staff to use from home which is a very useful part of it, because teachers do actually work at home for marking and grading and it is nice then rather than bringing it straight into school, you can just logon from home and you have access to that class’ grade and the information there.”

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