Bishop Heber High School

Using PARS Online Reporting to replace traditional paper reporting procedures

Author: Gary Naylor, Network Manager

Bishop Heber is a secondary school located in Cheshire with approximately 1080 pupils aged 11 to 18, including 170 in the sixth form. The school serves surrounding villages in the south-west Cheshire as well as attracting pupils from other parts of Cheshire, Shropshire and North Wales. The speciality of the school is in international languages.


As Network Manager, Gary was appointed to look into a new online based reporting method. The inefficient procedure for reporting was addressed by the PARS Pupil Management Software to help provide an efficient and flexible reporting system by staff.

The Project

During the development of the software, BHHS has also been going through a process of implementation and development with regard to the transfer from paper reporting to the use of an online mode.

Actions Taken

We started PARS reporting when it was in a developmental phase, and have found the development relationship with TASC productive. They are responsive to our feedback and have satisfactorily addressed a number of the developmental issues. Some further aspects of the functionality of the program are in development, such as WYSIWG report design and the completion of these developments in the next version will result in a fully competent piece of software which will be entirely fit for purpose. Initially, we used the statement banks facility but soon found that we needed to evolve this. We changed from using statement banks, to free text entry to allow the teachers more flexibility in the comments they entered.

Findings & Benefits

We found that giving more direction and specifying areas for particular comments – strength, behaviour, class-work, homework, achievement, etc, gave us a standardised format and provides us with a uniform view of performance. It also helps us to deliver the information in a better format for parents.


We had a learning curve initially in planning and evolving how we wanted the system to work for us. We are now confident that we have the outputs we want and can do reports quickly and efficiently. We also now have the ability to look back at previous reports much more easily. It saves us a lot of time!