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Replace multiple school software applications with one, simple, cost effective cloud solution.

How many software systems do you have in place at school? Multiple logins, Disparate data, Numerous communication systems, Costly contracts…?

TALAXY makes it easy!

**Multi MIS ** Multi device** Multi operable; Progressive Web App.

Attendance, behaviour, assessment, communication, parents evening, seating plans, homework, exams – and so much more

Centralise your data and consolidate all your communications in one, simple, cost effective solution.

• Save time
• Reduce paperwork
• Consolidate systems
• Decrease expenditure
• Recognise school improvement
• Increase parental engagement

TALAXY is perfect for individual schools and Multi Academy Trusts allowing single school or multi facility visual key data analysis and comparisons based on various demographics.

Standalone software or integrate with your Management Information System (MIS), TALAXY provides you with a seamless pupil data management, analysis and parental engagement software solution.

Packed with features…

Management: Group configuration Create timetables Parents’ evening booking Parental contact update Parental consent forms Document management / resources MIS key data graphical analysis Lesson plans Seating plans Room & resource booking Accident book Staff absence tracking Staff cover

Attendance: Parent & Pupil view Management First day absence Graphical analysis Automated reporting Absent parental authorisation MIS write back Taking registers Extra class / after school clubs

Behaviour: Management Behaviour notifications / alerts Graphical analysis Parent & Pupil view MIS write back Detentions On report Automated reporting

Assessment & Exams: Asessment Manager read/write (SIMS only) Progress & Attainment 8 tracking Graphical analysis Online pupil reports Exam timetable Coursework Automated reporting

Communications: Text / SMS Email Broadcast Chat Push-note Document manager; letters, reports, resources Newsletter, bulletin User defined PDF & URLs

and more............!

We can safely say that the goal of delivering a one-stop online solution for staff, parents and students has been achieved. 

We needed a single platform that fully integrated with our Sims system and allowed in particular, a means to facilitate online learning and engagement.

After an initial period of research into possible replacement platforms April 2020,  it was agreed that the IT department would initially trial the online demo version of TALAXY. After careful consideration of all factors involved, it was decided on April 28th 2020 that TALAXY would be the platform we would adopt.

The quality of support was an important factor in our choice. We were happy with the previous level of support that TASC had been providing (for another product), and this had now been enhanced with an appointed support manager who contacts us on a weekly basis to talk about any issues we may have had, and to keep us informed of upcoming module improvements and updates.

TALAXY is a single platform is that it has actually come with a cost saving over the previous platforms we used, as it has enabled us to cherry-pick the actual modules that we need, rather paying for an all-in-one bundle of modules containing features we wouldn’t actually use.

The TALAXY platform itself is a PWA (progressive web application) so functions on all types of devices, which was an important consideration, bearing in mind the multitude of devices that people now use. We are also pleased to say that we have all the functionality that we previously had before the migration, but now also have (amongst others) a homework module for students and a parent’s evening module with video conferencing (which has been very popular with parents).

“TASC Software Solutions Ltd have been and continue to be instrumental in developing this product for us and we are delighted to be in a very strong partnership with them”

“With the first class support team and the ability to evolve the product through enhancement requests, I, as the Network Manager, and BWS as a whole, couldn’t recommend TASC highly enough”


…sheets of paper are being used per school, per year.

Ray Fleming, Education Market Manager, Microsoft.


…is the average cost spent on photocopying each year in schools!

Targeting areas of good practice and opportunities for improvement

Data is worthless unless it ‘does’ something.  Logging information is the first step however meaningful and effective analysis is key to progression, recognising good practise and areas to be improved.

TALAXY graphical interface produces data visual enabling for a quick overview of key data; it also has the power to undertake in-depth analysis including demographic filtering, to find the root cause of potential issues allowing for leadership intervention.

Analyse your key data including Attendance, Behaviour, Assessment

Chronological timeline allows you to track events, actions, concerns, discussions and improvements made; evidential improvement documentation for Governors and external bodies including OFSTED

…and it’s not just for individual schools…..

TALAXY not only allows for individual schools to manage, analyse and present their data, it is designed enabling MATs and collaboration of facilities to analyse whole group data across any Management Information System (MIS) even if a mix of MIS’s within your Trust.  

Multi Academy Trust Solution

The strongest trusts exhibit the creation and execution of a school improvements strategy that develops ad improves the workforce, builds succession and enables the strongest teachers and leaders to influence outcomes for more children

Sir David Carter – Former National School Commissioner

  • Intuitive Software

    Allowing simple logging of data for staff, easy view for parents and pupils, quick analysis for leadership 

  • Compare

    Compare group and individual MIS key data 

  • Secure and Confidential

    Secure document storage; images, statements and evidence with user permission based clearance levels via Amazon Web Server

  • Integration

    Compatible with various management information systems and databases including read/write SIMS functionality

  • Visual

    Clear graphical analysis

  • Multi device

    TALAXY can be viewed on various devices and is a  – Progressive Web Application (PWA) reducing mobile app limitation issues

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