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Replace multiple school software applications with one simple cost effective cloud solution

TALAXY® is a comprehensive family of tools for use in the classroom and at home on any device. It’s a complete solution for parents, staff and students and can replace the wide variety of segregated systems currently in use at school.

TALAXY® has it all

TALAXY® has a whole range of modules to suit every school’s needs, covering  classroom requirements such as registers, behaviour management and seating plans to communications, homework and parent’s evenings.

Easy to use

Sporting a modern and intuitive interface, staff, parents and pupils can get involved with minimal to no training.  Unlike other systems, TALAXY® guides parents to what you want them to see, rather than expecting speculatively open menus searching for new information.

Automated processes for educators

Our unique intervention processes are game-changing. TALAXY® works for you alongside your school policies, and automates key processes to get the right data to the right people at the right time.

Integrated with your school management system

TALAXY® seamlessly integrates with any school management system, so all school and contact information is accurate, up-to-date and available at a glance. There’s no need to worry about changing an MIS interfering with home-school interactions and logins.

Cost-effective for everyone

We offer affordable prices, with no hidden fees. Our payment plans make it easy for any school to afford quality education software. Modules are fully customisable so you only pay for what you need right now – the option is always there to extend the feature set as contracts for other systems come to an end.

Results, guaranteed

We’re not just about talking features – we deliver results! We’ve helped hundreds of schools and thousands of users across the UK improve their operational efficiency, parental communications and reduce costs with our powerful school software solutions. We have a proven track record for supporting our customers and are committed to customer success.

A software solution developed by TASC; built by schools for schools

There’s a reason TASC Software is an industry leader in education software. Our innovative products are designed by education specialists and senior management teams and have been trusted by schools, Local Authorities and education establishments for over 25 years.

Lightning-fast and always available

No more waiting for download and install before you can use the software on your devices. TALAXY runs as a Portable Web Application, so it’s always available, even from mobile home screens, and is always lightning-fast!

  • Used extensively in schools

    TALAXY stands upon the shoulders of our pioneering PARS and INSIGHT products, which are used in hundreds of schools across the country with thousands of users. Creating a good learning environment requires meeting a multitude of needs – TALAXY can be used to manage the crucial areas of attendance, behaviour and attainment; also gather learner data, improve communications and distribute evidence, resources and other documents.

  • Frees up teachers and leaders

    With TALAXY in place, you will have a system that’s tailored to your needs. Able to automate key administrative processes to ensure the right data reaches the right people without delay, it can liberate teachers from busy work and free them up to focus more attention on students’ learning and academic progression.

  • Established expertise

    Schools approach us for help in a range of areas, including parental engagement, reducing their IT expenditure, devising mobile solutions for tasks such as mobile registration, staff grade entry from home and streamlining their information systems.  We at TASC Software are innovators and adept developers of pupil data management solutions, having worked with many schools and LAs over the course of 25 years

As a modular solution you only buy what you need, making TALAXY a very cost effective school, parent and pupil portal. 

Modules include:

In the classroom

  • Session and lesson registers
  • Conduct management including achievements, behaviour, points cash-in, timed student notes, detentions and on report
  • Assessment grade entry
  • Seating plans
  • Lesson plans
  • Accident book
  • Extra-curricular classes and clubs
  • QR code pupil sign-in (great for sixth form or teacher-free class)
  • Invigilation timetable

At home

  • Absence reporting
  • Noticeboard
  • Parents Evening booking including video conferencing
  • Homework, including quizzes
  • Timetables and school calendar
  • Formative assessments of learning experience
  • Data collection forms
  • Exams timetable, seating arrangements and results
  • GCSE Options selection
  • Payments
  • Cashless catering transactions
  • Documents and galleries
  • Forms and surveys

In the back office

  • Attendance and absence management
  • Room and resource booking
  • Communications; push notifications, chat, email and SMS messaging
  • School report design and generation
  • Attainment 8 tracking and analysis
  • Personal health and education plans
  • Staff cover
  • Fire and evacuation procedures
  • Staff training and certifications

“The quality of support was an important factor in our choice. We were happy with the previous level of support that TASC had been providing (for another product), and this had now been enhanced with an appointed support manager who contacts us on a weekly basis to talk about any issues we may have had, and to keep us informed of upcoming module improvements and updates”

“The TALAXY platform is a PWA (progressive web application) so functions on all types of devices, which was an important consideration, bearing in mind the multitude of devices that people now use”

“We can safely say that the goal of delivering a one-stop online solution for staff, parents and students has been achieved.

We needed a single platform that fully integrated with our MIS system and allowed in particular, a means to facilitate online learning and engagement”

“With the first class support team and the ability to evolve the product through enhancement requests, I, as the Network Manager, and the school as a whole, couldn’t recommend TASC highly enough”

“TALAXY is a single platform has actually come with a cost saving over the previous platforms we used, as it has enabled us to cherry-pick the actual modules that we need, rather paying for an all-in-one bundle of modules containing features we wouldn’t actually use.”