Cloud Based School Library Management

Makes managing the school library effortless

Our library management package has been designed by school librarians, easing the process of acquisitions, cataloguing and circulation of items.

Pupils and staff can search the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) for titles and make reservations from school or at home.

Librarians can produce statistically rich reports such as holding values circulation patterns and trending titles

Why use?

+ Cloud based application for school libraries

+ 2500 libraries on board

+ 94% of users recommend our system

+ available on mobiles


sheets of paper are being used per school, per year – Ray Fleming, Education Marketing Manager for Microsoft


average is spent on photocopying each year in schools

Powerful features

  • Import data from MIS

  • Migration from existing library systems

  • Track and trace resources / duplicate books

  • Issue and returns by pupil and librarian

  • Returns managed via email

  • Reservations and queues

  • Reminders

  • Dewey decimal library code for cataloguing non-fiction books

  • Stock checks

  • Reading lists for students

  • Book reviews

  • Scan barcodes (ISBN)

  • RFID Smart cards

Our old library system was seamlessly migrated and the intuitive interface of library management has enabled key service users to proceed uninterrupted. Our staff and pupils are beginning to explore the vast potential of this powerful system and I have no doubt that TASC will continue to exceed the high expectations education demands

Andrew WhiteNetwork Manager - Bishop Wordsworth’s Church of England Grammar School
  • Rich Functionality and High Quality Support

    • Enables libraries to seamlessly handle cataloguing. acquisition and circulation of all types of library resources
    • Highly qualified and committed team helps customers set up their application and resolve any issues as quickly as possible
    • Service and support ensures easy transfer of data from any other library system
  • Technology

    • No need to install, update or maintain any components (including OPAC)
    • Application available through any browser, from any computer connected to the internet
    • Automatic backup
    • Application is always up-to-date
    • Remote technical support
    • Security measure evaluated independently
    • Encrypted connection (as in internet banking)
    • Average availability level no less than 99.9%
  • Comfortable workplace

    • Option to personalise the module’s interface for each librarian
      • Order columns in tables according to your needs
      • Set sorting order in columns
      • Hide unwanted columns
      • Create individual layouts for patrons’ accounts
    • Flexible circulation modes – Loans and returns with or without confirmation
    • User-friendly and intuitive LMS carefully crafted to provide an optimum workplace
    • The mechanism of barcodes allows for quick loans and returns, without even needing to put a finger on the keyboard
  • Online Public Access Catalogue

    • Available in multiple themes including Intense, Calm and High-contrast
    • Complies with WCAG 2.0, making it accessible for users with disabilities
    • Compatible with mobile devices (fully responsive)
    • The single search box allows access to all library resources
    • Online reservations and loan renewals

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