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INSIGHT Parental Engagement Software

Helping parents to keep ‘up-to-date’ with their child at school

INSIGHT is a fantastic parental engagement software solution allowing parent’s to check their pupils daily information along with future events.

Pupil login presents INSIGHT information specific to the child including homework, timetable, notices, grades, extra classes, behaviour and detentions!

The convenience of INSIGHT Parental Engagement Software allows everyone the opportunity to look at their child’s data on any device, any day, any time, wherever they are in the world and includes communication options; text, email and push notes.  Parents evening booking is also a great feature along with TASC virtual meeting application.


There are many barriers preventing parents easy access to their child’s school information.  These can include: language barriers in multi-cultural schools, unable to attend Parents Evening due to work, parents in the forces away for months, parents own negative experiences of school. Our parental engagement software is the answer.

INSIGHT provides secure access to pupil data in your SIMS MIS, from attendance and behaviour and homework through to school reports and exam timetables, in a clear, easy to use and understandable manner.

If you want to provide parents with meaningful data in a cost effective, easy manageable, user-friendly Mobile App or web interface working seamlessly with your SIMS database in real-time – INSIGHT is the solution!

Looking for a hosted cloud based parental and pupil engagement solution?


Parental Pupil and Staff Pupil Data solution


This is what some of our Schools are saying about TASC INSIGHT…

We use Insight (previously SLG). I was talking to a parent yesterday and she gave me unsolicited feedback – she said she is getting used to all the systems – Tucasi, Frog and Insight. Insight was the one she uses all the time, she loves it, and most of all she said how clear and easy it was to navigate. It’s all good to have an all singing all dancing look to a site, but the whole idea is for parents and students to use it. If they can’t navigate easily round the site, they will give up which rather defeats the object. Insight’s side menu is so clear and straightforward, it’s pretty much idiot proof. (We rename our menu items to our own titles).

It quickly became apparent that reports were not the only communication we could send to parents through Insight. It will send just about any relevant data stored on Sims.net. We quickly added parents’ evening calendars and student timetables, [useful for parents to check when PE kit needs ironing, when ingredients needing buying for food technology, or confirming the names of their children’s subject staff] Public exam entries and results from the Sims exams module are also on the system so that parents and students can check examination dates or make copies of previous exam results for job or UCAS applications.

We have 85% of parents regularly logging in via both the website and the App.
We like the way we can control who sees what and find this very safe for students with split families.
Parents are better at keeping us informed of changes to phone numbers and email addresses.”

Texting is far more efficient than our previous system; it’s easy to text all sorts of groups that have already been set up in SIMS, and is much cheaper.
Batch processing reports so that a whole year group’s reports not only appear on Insight but also in SIMS saves us loads of work.


sheets of paper are being used per school, per year – Ray Fleming, Education Marketing Manager for Microsoft


average is spent on photocopying each year in schools

Powerful parental engagement features

INSIGHT parental engagement software allows you to decide what you want parents, guardians, pupils and teachers to access. It is your choice what data you want to share with Parents. All Parent/Guardian priority levels, Parental Responsibility and Court Order data syncs directly into INSIGHT from your SIMS database and you simply create Templates for parents linking to pupils.

Track pupil engagement with INSIGHT analysis tool to ensure parents are checking their child’s progress.

Attendance, behaviour, homework, exams, absence notes, parents evening booking, detentions, extra classes, check dinner money, pay for uniform ..and so much more.  A simple, user friendly solution for parents with one username and password access to all the data needed.  How many online software systems and logins do your parents currently use?

I’m no good at reading instructions. I think people generally are fed up with instruction booklets.

I like to be able to work through something and I found I could do that with the Insight system.

  • Intuitive

    Parent friendly software; simple to use and no training required

  • Customisable

    Just click what you want parents, pupils and teachers to see and use from a checklist

  • Cost neutral

    INSIGHT saves £1000’s a year in printing costs and is environmentally friendly!

  • Feature rich

    Attendance, Behaviour, Detentions, Grading, Rewards, Newsletters, Payments, Dinner Money, Personal data updates, Parents Evening booking, On Report cards, Event Seat Booking, Room & Resource booking, Exam timetable, Exam results, School Reports, Extra Class schedule, school timetable, Push-Notes, emails, Homework Submission and Tracking, Language Translator, Medical details, SEN, Pastoral Notes, File documents, RSS Feeds, URL links…and even the weather!

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TASC INSIGHT parental engagement software timetable homework attendance mobile behaviour detention parents evening booking detention extra class contact update grading assessment school report
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