Protecting and safeguarding vulnerable children and adults

Recording incidents and concerns for children and vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults is paramount. Securely logging, tracking and dealing with data is vital in an Educational or Caring environment to ensure the safety and welfare of our students and residents.

There can be no issue of greater importance to parents, next of kin and carers;  than the safety of their children and adults; our loved ones. Safeguarding remains high on the Government and Ofsted’s agenda and will continue to do so.

Paper based systems, individual documents on segregated software programs, can cause communication failures, secure data lost and an extremely difficult way to track information.  CURA provides you with a permission levelled, secure and easy to use contact database allowing for quick and simple logging of data, a referral system, links to external resources, evidence and reports for external bodies.


CURA provides secure access to contact data, allowing quick access to files and logging on potential issues for vulnerable children and adults.

The advantage of recording ‘concerns’ or ‘gut feelings’ at lower levels means a greater number of issues are recorded and reviewed in CURA. These actions accumulate into a very a detailed and accurate pupil chronology leaving less chance of anything being missed.

This lower level recording becomes critical when trying to establish the starting point should a serious child or adult protection situation develop.

“Early Intervention is Key” – NSPCC

It is the gathering and recording of this type of data that was one of the recommendations made following the serious case review into the tragic death of Daniel Pelka.

“We have adopted a system of recording using the CURA Software product especially adapted by TASC Software Solutions Ltd which is just ideal for managing and monitoring any and all incidents reported to us. In any activity associated with Wolverhampton Wanderers  Football Club the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults must always be given the highest priority”

“Safeguarding of sensitive data can be an issue when it needs to be shared across members of staff who need access to it, which is why we chose to try Cura. Cura has been great and solves our problem by allowing members of staff the amount of access they require to data, while restricting what does not need to be shared. The amount of support offered by the team has been outstanding through to installation to using the software. I would strongly recommend this software to anyone who takes safeguarding seriously

Specific benefits of using CURA

  • All files are stored on one system
  • Having Chronologies
  • Easily accessible
  • Complete file audits, use the alerts system when new concerns come through and be able access information for all the school working remotely.
  • Cost and support are fantastic
6,800 Children

needed protection from physical absue last year.

9,500 Offences

of cruelty and neglect against children recorded by the Police last year.

Powerful features

CURA allows staff and carers to log incidents and concerns simply and securely.

Captured data, such as body mapping and behavioural issues, can be cross referenced and collated into evidential reports for internal use or external authorities – including children’s services and the police.

CURA becomes an effective referral system informing staff of issues based on various factors including; severity, accumulation, elapsed time and allows you to diarise events, meetings using a private calendar.

Multi Academy Trusts, Units, Local Authority and Groups Safeguarding Leads, can easily track any CURA logs with a simple umbrella view of all establishment data linked to them.

You can email notifications and alerts allowing for quick intervention and create clearance level reports and graphs for tracking with exportable documents. In turn these can be printed evidential logs for external bodies; OFSTED, CAFCASS, FA and Police etc.

  • Intuitive Software

    Allowing quick and simple logging of concerns and niggles in a single central database

  • Body mapping

    Enabling user to pinpoint visual issues such as bruises, burns, bites etc.

  • Genogram

    Compare sibling issues and manage relationships using CURA’s Genogram feature

  • Secure and Confidential

    Secure document storage; images, statements and evidence with user permission based clearance levels

  • Integration

    Compatible with various management information systems and databases

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