• Early intervention is key to safeguarding vulnerable people

    CURA is a must, not a maybe

  • Early intervention is key to safeguarding vulnerable people

    CURA is a must, not a maybe

  • Early intervention is key to safeguarding vulnerable people

    CURA is a must, not a maybe

  • Early intervention is key to safeguarding vulnerable people

    CURA is a must, not a maybe

    CURA safeguarding and concern software for vulnerable elderly

Gives you peace of mind that your safeguarding processes follow best practice.

Securely logging, tracking and following up on safeguarding issues is paramount to ensure the safety and welfare of the vulnerable.

Using paper-based systems or simple libraries of electronic documents, inevitably leads to communication failures, problems in retrieving historical information and even the loss of secure data.

Closely following best practices, CURA is an intuitive cloud solution where welfare concerns are instantly and securely referred to the correct members of staff. Chronologies are built up automatically and simple one-click reporting produces timely information for meetings, governors, OFSTED and safeguarding leads.

Staff on the ground can be sure their worries are being looked into, while safeguarding leads have the peace of mind in knowing the obligations they have to those in their care are being met.

CURA uses various factors such as clearance levels, affinities, severity, elapsed time and accumulation to create an effective referral system to inform relevant staff of safeguarding issues as they arise.

Notifications and alerts are automatically emailed allowing for early intervention.

All information is given a clearance level so reports and analysis graphs are always pertinent to the user creating them.

  • Genogram

    Goes beyond a traditional family tree by not only portraying traditional family patterns such as sibling and parent relationships, but can also present non-familial relationships.

  • Three dimensional body mapping

    Enables you to accurately pinpoint visual issues such as bruises, burns, bites and similar.

  • Secure and confidential

    Secure document storage for images, statements and evidence with permission based clearance levels

  • Integration

    Compatible with various management information systems and databases

  • Intuitive software

    Providing quick and simple logging of concerns to a range of IT abilities.

  • Mobile ready

    CURA is a web based application and can be accessed from any device that is internet enabled.

Live demonstration

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“We have adopted a system of recording using the CURA Software product especially adapted by TASC Software Solutions Ltd which is just ideal for managing and monitoring any and all incidents reported to us. In any activity associated with Wolverhampton Wanderers  Football Club the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults must always be given the highest priority”

“Safeguarding of sensitive data can be an issue when it needs to be shared across members of staff who need access to it, which is why we chose to try Cura. Cura has been great and solves our problem by allowing members of staff the amount of access they require to data, while restricting what does not need to be shared. The amount of support offered by the team has been outstanding through to installation to using the software. I would strongly recommend this software to anyone who takes safeguarding seriously

Specific benefits of using CURA

  • All files are stored on one system
  • Having Chronologies
  • Easily accessible
  • Complete file audits, use the alerts system when new concerns come through and be able access information for all the school working remotely.
  • Cost and support are fantastic

Contact data

Import and sync contact data quickly and easily into CURA.  Add contact as-you-go, import .csv or sync with your MIS including SIMS, CMIS, RM, Arbor …. and many more.  MIS imported data includes name, address, telephone, parents, photo, home language.


Images and documents can be uploaded and associated to pupils and adults, then stored to CURA which means you have a complete log of incidents along with evidence.  The files are only accessible by staff with specific clearance levels.  You now have quick access to key data for your Self Evaluation Process, Evidence Logs for external bodies in a single, secure central record software.

Staff also have tailored reports pre-prepared for meetings whether it be internal or external.

Automated Alerts

As soon as new information has been entered into CURA, an email will be sent to the relevant member of staff.  Information received will only state that a CURA log has been added and will not detail any confidential data.

Body mapping

Staff can identify areas of issues on a persons body using a 3D body mapping feature.  Click on body image to note areas of concern, zoom in/out to pinpoint small areas.


Child and vulnerable adult safeguarding software – Staff members can be associated to a student, sportsperson or resident.  This allows for tracking and also notifies the relevant staff of potential issues.

Staff Clearance

Staff clearance levels allows for data protection. Your school, educational establishment, club or care home can decide what level of issue or concern is communicated with which staff enabling controlled management and escalation of issues.


Refer incidents log to defined staff based on severity and clearance levels decided by your school, educational, sports or care facility.  All referrals can be collected and acted upon via CURA allowing for further evidence, logs, intervention and tracking for the vulnerable student or adult.


Build a chronology for your person of concern.  Recorded information will be automatically converted into chronology entries allowing the user to establish times and dates of events.  Reports can be encrypted when sent to another party electronically.

Concern severity

Staff are able to indicate the severity of the concern based on a simple 1-5 star system.  This is proportional to the actions you would expect to be taken.


Concerns that have not been dealt with will appear on the ‘overdue’ section marked with a simple traffic light feature.


You are fully supported by the TASC Software support team and will have a dedicated account manager following purchase of CURA.  TASC Software provide training, offer telephone support and help desk ticket support.


The General Data Protection Regulation 2016 came into effect in May 2018, and supersedes EU member state implementations of the 1995 Data Protection Directive.   It grants data subjects a number of new rights, including the right to judicial remedy against organisations that infringe their rights, and requires organisations to adopt “appropriate technical and organisational measures” to protect personal data. It also introduces mandatory data breach reporting.
To help ensure that our customers are GDPR compliant with the legislation effect, we have introduced check lists detailing the personal information held we jointly control, and prompting them to specify the legal bases upon which they are using our products to process personal data

Live demonstration

If you would like to see CURA in action why not book a demonstration?

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